Step By Step Guide To Install Your Next Wall-To-Wall Carpet At Home

A wall to wall carpet can bring comfort, class and style to your home but it is important to ensure that you install it in the correct manner. To make sure you have the quality carpet Richmond has ever seen, follow this step by step guide to installing your next wall to wall carpet at home.

Measure the area of room

This is the first step and one of the most important. Be sure to measure the longest walls in the room and multiplying the width and length, then dividing by 9, will provide you with the square yardage of carpet you need.

Clean the underfloor area

Before you start installing the carpet, you want to make sure that the surface is clean. This is why you should always take the time to properly sweep and clean the floor where the carpet will be installed.

Remove any doors

While not being 100% essential, removing all doors from the room where you aim to install your wall to wall carpet will make the process easier, as it will mean that you do not have to work around any obstructions.

Put the carpet pad in place

You should make sure the carpet pad is laid out in the direction of installing it and then you should start stapling it into place. Many people use a staple hammer to take care of this task.

Secure the pad seams

When securing the pad, you want to alternate stapling so there are not staples next to each other. At this point, you should make sure that the pad is properly stretched so that all of the pieces are butted together tightly.

Ensure the pad is trimmed

At this point, you should ensure that all of excess pad elements are trimmed back, using a utility knife to cut through at this point. This is an important factor in laying the foundation for the best carpet Horsham has ever seen.

Score the corners for trimming

You should measure your room at the longest point, add a small amount for leeway and then score the carpet with the appropriate length.

Trim carpet to correct size

You should draw a line representing the length of carpet you need, chalk can be a good material, and create the line of where you want to cut your carpet. Cut the carpet.

Join the seams together

When there is a join of carpet edges, you should create a seam, ensuring that these seams are straight. You should never assume that a factory seam is straight, always check this yourself. Many experts recommend glue to join seams so take care when using heated materials.

Attach carpets first edge

At this point, you are looking to attach the carpet to one end of the room, with many people using a knee kicker for support. You should place the knee kickers face close to the wall and the strike the end where there is padding, stretching the carpet.

Remove excess areas from edge

Using a wall trimmer, remove any excess area of carpet.

Stretch the carpet

Stretch the carpet using tools or by hand. You may find that corners need to be stretched manually.

Complete any trimming of the carpet

Check for any remaining excess sections of carpet and trim them.

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