Your Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Flooring Type For Your Home

When it comes to creating a perfect style at your home, there is a lot to be said for starting from the floor up. This means that you should look at the flooring, and there are plenty of options to choose from. In fact, there are so many different options available to choose from that you may not sure what is best for you. This is why the ultimate guide to choose the best flooring type for your home will come in handy.


Before you start to weigh up the different flooring options, you should think about yourself, your needs and the size of your home. Some of the aspects you will need to take on board include:

  • 1. Size of your home and room
  • 2. Budget
  • 3. Any allergies or requirements from you or family members
  • 4. Your personal tastes

These are all issues that will have an impact on the type of flooring that is right for you, so being sure of any essential items or deal-breakers before you start weighing up the different types of flooring is important.

Hardwood flooring

There are a number of benefits that come from hardwood flooring, although one of the biggest factors is the fact that it is durable. This means that hardwood flooring will last for many years, and it can provide a highly stylish addition to any home. There is an issue though that hardwood flooring may require to be resealed every few years to ensure it maintains its condition. If you are looking for the most stylish flooring Guildford has to offer, you will find that hardwood flooring is a very sensible option.


Carpets are warm, cosy, attractive and very welcoming. They are far more flexible and easy to install than hardwood flooring and if you are looking for a sense of comfort when you return home, you will find that carpets can provide the perfect finishing touch.

Many experts pinpoint the fact that carpets can provide a boost when it comes to holding dust and allergens, which means that the air in a home is healthier. Anyone that is looking for the best carpet Guildford has to offer or wants to have the finest carpet Kingston can call upon will not be short of options.


Vinyl is an extremely durable material available in a wide range of colours and is available at a fair price. It is commonly found in the bathroom as opposed to a living area, but there is no denying that vinyl provides an excellent solution for anyone operating on a tight budget.


Ceramic is a highly stylish flooring solution that can come in a number of styles and designs. However, it can be painful for some people to walk on and there is the rick of cracks appearing if a heavy object is dropped on it.


Linoleum is a simple solution that is easy to install and is environmentally friendly. It manages to repel dust and dirt but it does require to be refinished every couple of years to retain its appeal.

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